Improved laboratory performance starts with the Power of Process Professional™ and your lab, by:

  • Unleashing operational excellence, pioneering new perspectives and identifying laboratory performance improvement opportunities.
  • Recognising the need for change and ensuring strides toward continuous process performance improvement.
  • Developing and enhancing strategic processes that through effective execution will lead to improved outcomes and financial sustainability.
  • Mastering the use of advanced tools and methodologies to transform opportunities into tangible performance results.

The Power of Process Professional™ develops your team and integrates with your lab’s performance improvement initiatives.


For the Lab Join POP


The Power of Process Professional™ integrates performance into your lab using The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance. This allows you to achieve and sustain competency in the workplace. It embeds the knowledge and skills taught during formal and collaborative learning into the workplace.

Achieving ongoing value through workplace integration:

Critical link between the course and what the lab wants to achieve. Incorporates performance management elements and enables professionals to know what they must do to succeed. Translation of key performance areas to key performance indicators to objectives and to tasks. We provide a playbook that enables and guides them to do this.

Track lab performance compared with where it was previously, and where it needs to be.

Understand the 8 Principles as the golden thread running through the Power of Process approach. Use these to examine lab processes and performance from a holistic point of view. Maximise lab performance while aligning the workforce for sustainable improvement

Using the 8th Principle (Knowledge Knows no Bounds) as a point of departure, discover how professionals learn from each other to strengthen and empower the workforce. This also creates sustainability in the laboratory.

Use internal Power of Process Masters as subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure knowledge transfer into the organisation, empowering the workforce to sustain improvements across the lab.

Understand process in practice, including insights, data and indicators that impact a lab’s performance. Enable professionals to look at performance data (from the LIS and elsewhere) and track performance over time.

Connect the lab with other Power of Process accredited labs and professionals in order to share leading edge knowledge and best practice through case studies, white papers, podcasts etc.

Power of Process Program Material, Task Book and Presentation

Keeper of knowledge during the course, critical lab performance assistant thereafter.

Mock up of the PoP Professional Books
Mock up of the POP Professional books

Accredited certificates of competence and attendance

Acknowledged by major institutes and top employers across the globe.

Power of Process Certificates