Power of Process Lab professionals

Course Overview

Pioneer new perspectives on laboratory performance and make a strong contribution to performance improvement.

This short course introduces you to the Power of Process. It allows you to make a strong contribution to the performance of your laboratory, giving you the foundation for performance excellence. It provides a refreshing perspective on laboratory performance improvement, starting with the process as a tool.

Requisites to earn the certificate

Individuals will receive a certificate on successful completion of a summative assessment at the end of the course.

Special requirements

Laboratory experience must be proficient in using a computer and MS Office.

Fees, deadlines, cancellation and refund policies

Terms & Conditions apply.

Program duration

  • 4 Hours
  • Online

What you'll learn from this course

The Power of Process Pioneer course teaches you how to:

  • Make a strong contribution to any laboratory performance improvement initiative.
  • See laboratory performance in a refreshing new light.
  • Understand how your actions can positively impact quality and the bottom line.
  • Gain deeper insight into laboratory turnaround time and process.

The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance are used as a framework for understanding of this course. The Power of Process Pioneer course also highlights the fast-changing laboratory environment and the innovation that is required to perform, survive and succeed. Completing this course will help you grasp the intricacies of ongoing performance improvement within the laboratory, as well as how to prepare, initiate and sustain performance.

Learning objectives and outcomes

Learners will discover and gain insights about:

  • Gaining total laboratory understanding.
  • Estimating true performance potential.
  • Creating an innovation focus.
  • Tracking your growth towards success.

Learners will discover and gain insights about:

  • The aims of The 8 Principles.
  • Their application to the Laboratory Performance cycle.
  • Structure the organisation for decision making with certainty.
  • Empower the organisation to make the right decisions.
  • Sustain the ability to compete and ensure success.

Learners will discover and gain insights on how to:

  • Boost the bottom line or bust.
  • Lead with a common language.
  • Trust the transparency.

Learners will discover and gain insights about:

  • Facts or figures, no fluff.
  • Driven by decisiveness.
  • Accuracy is paramount.
  • The purpose of the simulation and simulation process.
  • Validating and verifying the model.

Learners will discover and gain insights about:

  • Big impact beats small.
  • Knowledge knows no bounds.

Qualification of instructional personnel

Andre Gouws  is a seasoned skilled development professional with a track record of over 26 years in learning and development and holds a degree in electrical engineering with an international diploma in teaching and training. He has completed the Management Advanced Program through Wits Business School and is a certified NQF assessor, moderator, and workplace coach. He has a passion for people and is known to inspire, motivate, and develop people to help them achieve their business objectives and career aspirations. His engineering background, combined with human resources experience and business management acumen, provides him with a unique skill set to research, develop, and deliver skills development programs that truly impact the bottom line. He is passionate about laboratories and their role in the quality of life and making us live longer. With this in mind, he has developed the Power of Process skills development programs that help laboratories enhance patient care through business management and laboratory performance improvement in a rapidly changing environment.