“The course was very helpful and informative. The support received was brilliant and the instructions easy to follow. Thank you.”

Manjinder VirkOperations Manager Virology, Viapath Analytics and COO, 4RMLTD

“Thank you for Andre and everyone involved behind the scenes. The support I received was excellent. Andre was always open and available to support me when I needed help. There was no need to feel left behind or ill-informed because of the kind of support we received. The course has been empowering and life-changing, to say the least. I cannot go back to the lab and do things the same after this refreshing and informative course. I enjoyed the videos and the content was relevant.”

Annestacia MarthinusLaboratory Technician, University of Cape Town

“This is a fantastic course that delivers a lot of value to laboratory professionals worldwide.  It came at a time where I needed to think about lab performance and process improvement for my lab, so the timing was perfect. This course is essential for any laboratory manager who wants to improve the performance of their laboratory. The course was well put together and the value that it offers is immense.”

Nancy RossMS, MT(ASCP)cmp, CQIA (ASQ), CLC (AMT), Improov LLC

“I am very satisfied with the skills and knowledge acquired from this course! The process mapping was a highlight and a tool I will use in the future. Andre is friendly, approachable, and very helpful, which motivated interactions. All in all, I am delighted to have attended this course and I look forward to attending the Master Program.”

Brigitte Van SchoorTechnical Assistant, Unistel Medical Laboratories

“Great seminar!  If you are looking for a comprehensive way to improve your lab processes, this is for you!  It is easy to follow and Andre is great helping you navigate through the courses.”

Shapour KhosravipourSenior Director of Laboratory Operations at DaVita Lab

“This course helped me to think out of the box.”

Power of Process Lab professionals
Laboratory Management in Practice Program GraduatePathcare

“The Power of Process program helped our laboratory gear for the change of a consolidation.”

Power of Process Lab professionals
Nicki KirkmanViapath, Head of Pathology Modernisation and Performance

“I have recommended the Laboratory Management in Practice course already and it should be rolled out to other junior managers to allow us to groom future leaders for the laboratory.”

Power of Process Diagnostic Excellencec
Vasu GoundenLancet Laboratories

“The presentations and case studies were very effective in explaining the principles.”

Power of Process Lab professionals
Power of Process Champion Program GraduateViapath

“Experience, knowledge and research makes the Power of Process a useful approach to improve everything in a lab – from the bottom line to laboratory process.”

Power of Process Lab professionals
Power of Process Program GraduateThermofisher