How advanced process knowledge can drive the success of consolidation.

Viapath made use of the Power of Process Champion course to get their laboratory staff ready for a major consolidation.

The Power of Process course helps laboratory professionals understand how to improve clinical results and drive financial sustainability with laboratory processes. The course provides a very strong technical foundation in detailed laboratory process mapping and introduces the concept of performance simulation. Rooted in The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance, graduates learn how to structure their laboratory for performance, empower staff and sustain improvement.


Structure, empower and sustain.
The Power of Process was used to motivate and structure teams, empower staff to make meaningful contributions and drive sustained improvement.


Gearing the team for change.
Viapath was in the process of consolidating three of its laboratories. To ensure a successful project, it required staff to play a hands-on role in driving this change.


Technical staff that are confident to manage.
The Power of Process not only provided critical skills, but motivated teams to embrace the change and drive the project to successful conclusion.

Viapath: Using the Power of Process to Gear for Change

Using The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance, Viapath teams were introduced to the laboratory system and how changes impact turnaround time, cost and quality. Teams quickly advanced from drawing rudimentary processes to creating detailed, accurate process maps of their laboratory using powerful, leading practice methodologies. At the end of the course, participants had a holistic view of the laboratory and were equipped to measure performance and make a positive impact.

Measure and influence laboratory performance.
The Power of Process drives performance improvement initiatives using facts and figures. It empowers staff to act by understanding the impact of change. Track ongoing performance with accuracy. “We have now mapped the processes in our laboratory using the skills gained from the course.”

A holistic, system-wide understanding of the laboratory.
Laboratory staff understand how changes in performance can influence laboratory bottom line and quality in great detail. It engenders a goal-driven common language when it comes to performance initiatives and establishes trust between teams through greater transparency.

Preparing for change and driving ongoing improvement.
The course ensures that effort is aligned and focused on achieving the biggest possible impact. Get teams to share valuable knowledge and insight gained during changes and performance improvement initiatives.

“The Power of Process course helped our laboratory gear for the change of a consolidation.”

– Nicki Kirkman, Viapath, Head of Pathology Modernisation and Performance


Using the newly developed skills and boosted team morale from the Power of Process course, the Viapath team could effectively gear for change and understand how to plot their way to performance.

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