PoP enhances patient care by developing people to be more productive and focused on quality outcomes through continuous sustainability in the lab and delivering a return on investment. This investment is reinvested into the patient who receives continuously improved care.


“Experience, knowledge and research makes the Power of Process (PoP) a useful approach to improve everything in a lab – from bottom line to laboratory process” – Power of Process Graduate, Thermofisher

With this in mind, our team at Power of Process has spent more than three years developing all our PoP programs and courses which, ensures laboratory staff is placed at the heart of your laboratory’s performance improving patient care.

Like DNA, our laboratory processes hold the key to identifying how changes affect us — our lab, our colleagues, our patients and our customers. They allow us to study and identify the most appropriate way to respond to these changes. Our processes equip us to continue to deliver and continuously improve quality, cost, and turnaround time (TAT) drivers.

Our programs and courses ensure that your organisation remains sustainable and competitive by leading with a common language. It also ensures that, through leadership and knowledge, all lab professionals are able to drive change through decisiveness, knowing that big impact beats small.

Our guiding principles

We work according to The 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance.

  1. Boost the bottom line or bust.
  2. Trust the transparency.
  3. Lead with a common language.
  4. Facts or figures, no fluff.
  5. Driven by decisiveness.
  6. Accuracy is paramount.
  7. Big impact beats small.
  8. Knowledge knows no bounds.

Power of Process in numbers

Power of Process Alumni
Graduates reporting an increase in productivity
Graduates reporting an increase in quality
Cost Reduction:
Graduates reporting a decrease in cost

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