Power of Process presents the accredited, practical, short, affordable, and scalable Laboratory Transformation and Performance Improvement Program (LTI).

10 Hours  | eLearning  |  $680  | Accreditation: 10 CEU, 10 Contact Hours, 10 CPD

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The Power of Process Performance Improvement Programme will enhance your pathology networks by rapidly and sustainably delivering better patient experience and care, through operational excellence. Gain the knowledge and skills to understand the big picture, grasp operations, and use innovative tools to achieve high performance.

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Power of Process and Lean work hand in hand to drive performance

While both Lean and Power of Process aim to achieve a more efficient and effective laboratory, these approaches differ in focus. Lean is geared towards optimising the processes of an existing system, while Power of Process focuses on streamlining a current system towards an ideal, future system.

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Power of Process Lab professionals

A global alumni of 700+ graduates... and counting

Power of Process was founded in 2015 with the intent to help diagnostics professionals to define a future lab system through facts and a robust methodology. It has since grown into a community of global professionals that are growing their careers in diagnostics and improving patient experience and care through laboratory performance improvement.

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Programs and Courses

The Power of Process consists of a suite of skills development programs and courses that enhances the patient experience through operational excellence.

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